Join me on this Lucid Journey


A Lightworker’s lucid journey through time and space, navigating this Earth realm, exploring, evolving, and finding herself while at the same time assisting and inspiring others to live through their higher selves in a state of unconditional love and bliss

You have been divinely guided to this very moment through the mysterious interconnected workings of the Universe, of which will be explored within these pages. You are meant to be here, to see all that you view on this page, to learn all that your brain can contain and form conclusions about, to walk away with your own special takeaway that is completely unique to you.

It is my hope that you will feel inspired by what you see here, to realize that you too are a creative being made up of light and love, and that you have a special mission here on Earth. It is my hope that you will be inspired to awaken, inspired to completely embody your truth, and live it with every thought, word and action that is put out into the Universe. It is my intention that you will realize just how special, unique, and important you are to this collective reality.

It is my passion to educate all who cross this path, to encourage you to walk away with excitement, knowledge, hope, and the sense of new connections formed within yourself and others. I hope you may walk away with a realization that you too can live your most exciting and blissful timeline, and accomplish everything you desire. It is my hope to learn from all of you as well, creating divine interconnected paths with which we may repeatedly cycle through, and continue to find each other over and over again throughout the process.

Finally, it is my purpose to heal. Both myself and others, so that we may all uncover the layers that have shielded our light all too often. Through holistic wellness it is my path to assist others in healing themselves, by acting as a divine channel through which healing energy flows. When we heal ourselves, we heal the world. I AM magic: a healer, a creator, a Lightworker, and most importantly, a divine reflection of you. Let’s expand together, let’s heal together, let’s realize all of our sacred abilities together, & let’s change the world together, one beautiful being at a time. I truly hope that you will join me on this Lucid Journey ❤

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Rhea is truly gifted. I have both seen and felt her gifts. I’ve studied mediumship and reiki with Rhea. Aside from her beautiful energy and kind heart, Rhea’s ability to channel spirit through her hands is amazing. Rhea has done reiki on me in person as well as distance reiki. I can instantly feel my energy change and ailments beginning to heal. She has a very keen ability to sense where someone’s energy is blocked. Rhea also gave me a wonderful reading – based on info that she sensed while giving me distance healing. SPOT ON! I would absolutely recommend Rhea to anyone.