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Welcome Light Beings

Welcome to this sacred space of healing, transformation, growth and ascension. My name is Rhea, and it is an honor to be your ascension guide, holding space for you as you awaken the healer within you, develop and cultivate your multi-sensory abilities, and ascend to higher dimensional frequencies.

In order to ascend, first we must heal

I am a licensed therapist, ascension guide, and intuitive Reiki Master Teacher. I love to connect with empaths, lightworkers, starseeds, healers, newly awakening souls, and also those who are navigating heartache and darkness, holding space for deep healing.

Let us become magnets for miracles

Let us find our bliss

Let us step into, embody, and fully express our highest truth in every moment

Let us live in alignment with the heart, offering unconditional love

As we heal, we remember all that we are

We heal all that has distorted your expression of the pure light you are at your core.

As a healer, I not only hold space for deep healing on every level, I also help to awaken other healers and guide them as they step into their gifts.

As an empath, I assist others who are sensitive to energy and want to learn more about how to harness their energy, raise their vibration, and begin living the life of their dreams.

As a therapist, I hold space for all types of dynamic therapies ranging from problem solving, mindset support and goal setting, to processing trauma and intense emotions.

As someone who has navigated through my own darkness, I know firsthand that healing and loving life is not only possible, but it is the most gratifying journey you may ever take. It is time for us to ascend to new heights, to new possibilities…

Together, we will expand our consciousness and raise our vibration

I believe we are all incredibly special. You are a multidimensional being composed of a unique energetic signature. Through aligning with our higher consciousness, and raising our personal frequency, we are able to create ripples of change across humanity. We can realize gifts and abilities we never even knew we had, that puts US in control of our own destinies. We can find INNERstanding, that life is happening for us in every moment and that we are exactly where we need to be.

Integrating my background in psychology and clinical mental health counseling with Eastern methods of energy healing, I use multiple modalities that facilitate healing on every dimension of the mind, body, and spirit.

These include:

-1:1 Integrative Mentoring

-Reiki Energy Healing

-Intuitive Readings

-Ascension Keys

-Intuitive/Spiritual Development

The Future Exists in Infinite Possibility that We are Co-Creating

You are creating your very reality moment by moment. In fact, each and every decision that you have ever made has brought you to this current point right now. It is no coincidence that you are reading these very words. It is a sign that your heart and mind are awakening to see beyond limitation and confines of this physical reality. When we open up to and become aware of the blueprints of nature and life itself, we can align with our highest aspects and intentionally create the experience we desire.

It is my mission and purpose to assist you in remembering all that you are, and invite you to step into the best possible version of yourself. Let’s live the life of our dreams!

I had a distance tarot reading and reiki session with Rhea and it was a fantastic experience! We set an intention at the beginning of the session and it truly felt that the deck revealed to me, in beautiful imagery, what I knew in my soul to be true. Rhea masterfully created a beautiful narrative of my soul journey with the cards and I felt so seen and supported by her! After the reading I felt confident and clear in the questions I had posed and in the next steps in my ascension process and in my business. Rhea also performed 15 minutes of reiki, and powerfully created activation and space in my crown chakra, third eye and solar plexus chakra. After the session I experienced symptoms of emotional energy clearing/ascension and Rhea was there for me to offer suggestions and guidance to support me through this process. 3 days after our session I feel clear, radiant and energized. Rhea is truly gifted, compassionate and a bright light. I highly recommend experiencing a session with her!

-Christina E.


I first met Rhea in an automatic writing class we took together. Rhea’s warmth and nurturing spirit emanated from her, her energy is very magnetic and kind. I sought her out for in-person reiki as I was feeling unbalanced and very emotional and needed grounding and release. Rhea intuitively knew what crystals to bring to the session for chakra work before we even spoke about what I wanted to work on. And her hands are magical! They felt like warm hugs with every position she used and I still felt her hands on certain parts of my body even though she changed to new positions! Afterwards, when we discussed the session, her guides validated exactly what I was going through and what I needed to work on. She was spot on and I think the combination of Rhea being an MSW and an intuitive healer really sets her apart in that she can identify and articulate the root of the issue and intuitively guide you how to move forward. I loved my session with Rhea and highly recommend her!

-Kim S.