Join me on this Lucid Journey…

That which is in my head I must begin to write down, for the fleeting moments in time and space never have a definite beginning nor end

There will be few challenges to this, including the task of consistency and at least minimal organization, which to a creative and distracted mind are all but prison sentences, yet hopefully I will be able to assert discipline in my passionate purpose for spreading the type of knowledge contained henceforth.

You will come to find, if anybody is actually reading this, that there may be many different voices, what may seem like unfinished mismatched topics and ideas, possibly a bit scattered, but please bear with me, these categories will converge into a pattern that will come to have some sort of great meaning to you.  Each individual will take from it exactly what it is that they are ready to learn at that exact moment.  Each experience will be unique.  The entire process is a learning experience for all parties involved.  I am here to assist and guide, to inspire thought and to provide connections, examples and revelations of how everything and everyone within this great Universe is so intricately connected.  We are all one.

The information on these pages is subject to change, evolve, amend, shift, contradict, explain, heal, inspire, awaken, change your life, and everything in between.  This will all come to make sense in time, yet we must remain malleable in our convictions, because that is exactly what the Universe is doing, and as we must do, as the Universe expressing itself in human form.  Allow us to enhance our perspective to reach those views that are not our own. If you have indeed been brought here to interpret these words at a different time and place from when they originated, then one must trust the message within that energy and push forward, as there are wonderful secrets and mysteries to be unraveled.  It is all present in the journey of life. I am here to help the process of evolution, of awakening, of shifting to higher consciousness through the process of expressing gratitude for the magnificent planet on which we came to find ourselves upon.  There will not be just one topic contained within, no label, an intangible feel and flow, yet a vast array of topics of which I dabble in, some much more than others.  Above all, I am here for my fellow human being.  I am an advice giver. I’ve been there.  I’ve found there is a continual search for balance.  I am here for you.  I want to change the world, who doesn’t?  I make things, creating that which can heal & help those who are willing.  I observe, I notice a great deal. I drink way too much coffee.  I read everything, research, relentlessly search for answers.  I’ve begun to find those answers.  And now it is my time to share those answers (or at least my interpretation of those answers) with the incredibly unique soul who is reading this now and deciding whether or not to continue.

The use of symbolism in our daily culture can give us tremendous meaning to our lives, while also re-embracing our power as individuals, when so many of us have been blinded by the fears and attitudes of others.  If you believe you are ready, willing and able to have your eyes opened and your reality forever changed, please continue reading.  I hope you will choose to take this journey, because your life will change and you will not be disappointed.  We are all journeying through life.  It is time.  Stay aware, stay lucid, and join together as one, since we are all connected.  We are all in this together.  Thanks to the Universe for bringing you here, we’ve got a lot to move forward with

Universal gratitude & Never-ending love


New Moon in Cancer

(July 15, 11:11 PM)