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Tarot Wisdom: JULY 2016

This message is intended for all who see and choose to accept the divinely guided wisdom for the month of July

Tarot JULY

And so it is…

The King of Pentacles sits on his throne, composed of an earthly energy, that he has created for himself, with the help of his inner guides. He is confident, financially secure, stable and assured. He trusts in his guides, and leans on them for support and advice. It is with the help of his spirit totem, the brown bear, that he has made it this far in his life today. He is blissful and emotionally fulfilled as seen in the Nine of Cups. The culmination of his dreams and achievements have been manifested, his wishes granted. He appreciates the cycles of the Earth, and knows that the endless motion creates ebb and flow, maintaining harmony and balance.  He reflects on a time before his abundant prosperity, when the foundations of his dreams had only just been laid. A time, when he was not so sure, and the visions of his success were just a glimmer in the stars…

Such can be seen from the Knight of Pentacles, as a young man he has just begun life’s adventure, a quest for independence, emotional fulfillment, financial stability. He searches for his passion, as his guides remind him to stay grounded. The answers lie before him if he would only focus his attention on these earthly endeavors. At times, the knight may feel unsure and isolated, yet remember, not all who wander are lost. He must realize that what holds him back exists only in his own mind, demonstrated by the Nine of Swords. His attention is turned upwards, as he remembers not to let his thoughts control his actions, and not to become pinned and trapped by fear. As he looks into the distance, he notices a wand above a fiery maiden’s head. He realizes that this will be the key that unlocks his focus and passion…

The Maiden of Wands confidently waits for the knight to realize that she is his inspiration, helping to ignite the fire that fuels the passion in his life. She knows that through her gifts, she will be the one to lead him down the path to success. Her soul is warm and generous, and a nurturing energy thrives within as she cultivates her own identity. The Six of Pentacles shows she is aware that to receive, one must give. At times, she needs the strength and stability of the earth to calm and soothe the wildfires that exist within her. Yet she reminds the knight that he will become stuck if his ideals and thoughts are too rigid. With her wild and untamed energy, she holds the key for freedom, the intention and energy, that the Knight needs to proceed. As she begins to lead the Knight, Earth and Fire, Masculine and Feminine energies together will allow them to create their reality, and achieve their ultimate goals.


Message for July: There may be a set plan you have in place for your life, but without a certain flexibility and freedom for exploration and passion,  one may become trapped in the mind of your own fearful thoughts. Do not become stuck and motionless, for the cycles of the seasons keep on turning, and life will continue whether or not you are on board. Spend your time wisely, and not locked within the prison of your own thoughts and insecurities. In order to achieve a state of blissful success and security, there must be a fine balance of masculine and feminine energy, earth and fire. In order to receive, you must give without fear, freely, passionately. Trust that what you give out will return to you in abundance. Reignite the passion in your life and activate your higher self to guide you through, like a star in the dark night sky, like a wand that directs intention, all of the strength and focus lies within you.  It is never too late. Take an adventure this month. Whether it is long, detailed and planned, or a spur of the moment day trip. Do something that scares you in order to find your purpose. Don’t be afraid to find yourself and be exactly who it is that you truly are meant to be.


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