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Collective Ascension Report – July 2018

Collective Ascension Report

July 2018

The Wild Unknown Tarot

Ascension Report July 2018 - Full Spread

This report is based upon the energies of July, 2018, and provides channeled guidance on the ways in which we can collectively accelerate our ascension process within our individual realities. If you are here reading this, trust that these messages are meant for your highest and greatest good, delivered with intentions of love, unity, compassion and healing.

Ascension Report July 2018 - Week Spread

The messages aligned with the aspects of the Higher Self are those that we may wish to place our full attention on, and direct our energy and focus toward for the purposes of expanding our consciousness and raising our personal vibrational frequency, for our ascension and evolution. The Higher Self is the multidimensional part of ourselves that is infinite and all-knowing, and represents our soul consciousness at its highest level. When in alignment with our Higher Selves, we are able to fully embody unconditional love, compassion, and bliss. Our Higher Self is who we are at our core, and represents our purest essence.

The Shadow Aspects are those which may lie below the surface of our conscious awareness, and need to be brought forward in order to heal, release, transcend and/or integrate with our higher selves. These could represent perceived thought patterns creating blockages, or lower-vibrational aspects of our reality that we must become aware of in order to transmute and shift.  Ascension activities and journal prompts will be suggested to deeply explore and integrate these messages.

July 1 – 7  *Week 1*

Ascension Report July 2018 - Week 1

Higher Self – Six of Cups

For the first week of July, the Six of Cups comes to us in the position of our Higher Self, asking us to journey deep below the surface of our consciousness, to remember our roots, and who we are at our deepest level.

It asks us to examine the components that make us who we are, and define how we show up in the world. What do we believe in? What do we stand for? Are our words and actions in alignment with these truths?

Our colorful, interconnected experiences help to shape stable and balanced identities above the surface, yet we can only grow as tall as our roots run deep. Our consciousness can only expand in proportion to the work we have done within. We can only meet others as deeply as we have met ourselves.

We must hold compassion for ourselves and others, while examining all the areas in which we hold criticism or judgment. Once these areas have been examined, we can then use this as a mirror to look within ourselves at where we need healing. As you journey deeply, you will find the answer. Apply tenderness, compassion, and love to these wounds. Allow for the release of anything you have uncovered that no longer serves your highest intention, and that is no longer in alignment with your truth.

Forgive yourself and others, and offer gratitude for the beautiful lessons you have acquired as a result of this experience. Remind yourself that you and everyone else is exactly where they need to be, doing the best they can from their level of awareness. Acknowledge how special and unique you are to this world, as no one else can do the work that you will do because nobody else has had the same experiences that you have had. You are one of a kind, and incredibly vital to the collective evolution of this planet at this time. Use this knowledge wisely and compassionately.

Shadow – Daughter of Swords

The Daughter of Swords comes to us in our shadow aspect this week, indicating that there are certain elements of our being that we may be feeling insecurities around. Perhaps you have an idea or an interest, but feel you are not ready to speak up or share your knowledge about it. Perhaps you are fearful of expressing yourself fully and authentically, and are resistant to completely embodying your truth. Perhaps you are holding on tightly to a certain belief or thought pattern that is no longer serving you.

Whatever the case may be for you individually, it seems that these insecurities are creating resistance towards fully trusting your own internal guidance system, and developing the full expression of your intuitive abilities. It is time that we examine the foundations that our thoughts and beliefs are based upon, in order to identify our insecurities and fully release self-doubt. With this, we can start to cultivate confidence and a sense of self-worth, and realize we are deserving simply for being human. We have a divine right to be seen and heard.

As we identify thoughts and beliefs that are standing in the way of our feelings of worthiness, we can practice compassion and forgiveness, for both ourselves and others. Who do we need to forgive from our past in order to move forward in our future? Remember to set the intention to continuously move forward. Do not let the wounds of the past steal the joy that exists in this present moment, or rob the creative potential that you hold within you.

When you allow yourself to express yourself fully and authentically, you give others permission to do the same. Through your own courage and perseverance, you pave the way for others to step into alignment with their truth. As we examine all that shapes us, we can use discernment to decide what is within us that we are able to let go of, that no longer aligns with our truth and serves our highest intentions.


Here are some activities to engage in this week, to integrate the shadow aspect with that of the higher self. These activities are given as basic guidelines to explore these elements in your own way, yet as always, please feel free to reach out if you feel you need further guidance and suggestions.

-Connect with Nature

-Practice Grounding Activities

-Inner Child Work

-Journal Prompts:

-Who is it that you wish to be in this world? What mark do you want to leave?

-How do you want others to view/experience you?

-How have the significant experiences in your life helped to shape who you are? Do these experiences align with the highest aspect of your being?

-What is your truth and how are you expressing it authentically?

-What past experiences are you holding onto that no longer serve you, and how do they get in the way of your authentic expression?

July 8 – 14 *Week 2*

Ascension Report July 2018 - Week 2

Higher Self – Son of Swords

For the second week of July, the Son of Swords comes to us in the position of our Higher Self asking us to remain crystal clear in our thoughts and intentions, and move forward with swift action towards that which we wish to manifest and create in our subjective realities.

The Son of Swords in the higher self aspect correlates beautifully with the astrological events of the week, as there are a number of eclipses set to take place in the cosmos, the first of which will occur on the new moon of July 12. The eclipse is a time of massive transformation and awakening, as these energies will reveal to you all aspects of your shadow that need to be integrated, accepted, and transmuted. While the week before we explored how our experiences created our realities and translated into how we show up in the world, this week we are being asked to take action to make changes on certain aspects of ourselves, in order to more fully align with Who We Are at our core.

For the first week in July, we examined who we are at our deepest level. We were asked to weed out all of the threads of doubt or insecurity within our consciousness that were no longer serving us, and integrate all aspects of our being. We examined how these different interconnected experiences translated into how we present ourselves to the world. The Son of Swords now asks you to take action. Are your thoughts in alignment with what you want to create? Are you focusing on what you desire for the future or are you stuck in a negative past experience? Wherever your thoughts are directed, that is where your energy will flow.

The Son of Swords reminds us to be direct, clear, and action-oriented when it comes to putting our intentions out into the Universe. As we explored different aspects of our being and personalities the week prior, the energies have been building up to a peak, and now we are being asked to fully step into our power and our potential, and go after exactly what we want. Now is the most potent time for manifestation and planting those seeds of intention into fertile, New Moon, Eclipse energy.

Shadow – Six of Wands

The Six of Wands comes to us in our shadow aspect this week, indicating that there may be areas where we feel afraid to step outside of our comfort zone, and align fully with that which we want to manifest. This card asks us to identify these areas of fear, and create actionable steps to transmute these energies into higher ones that more fully serve our purpose.

What forces are keeping us stuck in a certain place, and what action needs to be taken for those fears to be released so that we are able to rise above them and reach our full potential? The Six of Wands is a card of victory, and in the shadow aspect this week, it indicates that there are various elements of our experiences that we need to let go of so that we may rise above them.

It is now time to release all fear, self-doubt, self-criticism, people, places, environments and experiences that no longer serve our highest potential, and are no longer in alignment with who we are and who we wish to be moving forward. In each and every moment, we have a choice as to how we want to show up for ourselves and others, and how we leave our mark on the world. Our patterns and behaviors create ripples that affect the collective at every point in time. Our shadow is asking us, will we rise above to new heights or become trapped in a lower density? In each and every moment, the choice is always ours to make.

The Six of Wands serves as a reminder for us that we are able to achieve anything that we can focus on with clarity, intention, and determination (Son of Swords), yet in order to embody this full alignment, it is necessary to identify and transcend those experiences which may be holding you back. We cannot ascend fully if we are trapped in a negative thought or behavioral pattern. While these encounters and experiences once served an important purpose for our soul’s growth, certain elements are no longer needed for our optimal functioning in the Now. It is time to rise above, stand in your full potential, glory, and beauty, and experience profound transformation that will put you on track to becoming your best self.


Here are some activities to engage in this week, to integrate the shadow aspect with that of the higher self. These activities are given as basic guidelines to explore these elements in your own way, yet as always, please feel free to reach out if you feel you need further guidance and suggestions.

-New Moon Ceremony

-Program Crystals

-Crystal Grids

-Affirmations & Mantras

Journal about exactly what you wish to manifest at this point in your life. Challenge yourself to be extremely clear, precise, and focused on exactly what you want. Where is your focus directed?

What can you do to be more focused and positively action oriented towards your goals? How can you put yourself in full alignment with your desired outcome? How will you harness this buildup of energy and use it to your full potential to create change in your life?

What fears do you have around stepping out of your comfort zone and into your zone of “genius?”

List any perceived obstacles that you face in terms of achieving your goals, they can be personal insecurities, fears, people and environments. Now explore all the ways to transcend these blockages so you are able to rise above

Create a mantra, affirmation, or write yourself notes to keep your vibration high and your thoughts trained on what you are creating.

Create a vision board that makes you feel excited and hopeful when you look at it. Put pictures and phrases on it of everything that you want to have in your life for the next six months to a year. Keep track of when you manifest each item on your vision board!

**I have many more channeled journal prompts that I will gladly share if you desire**

July 15 – 21 *Week 3*

Ascension Report July 2018 - Week 3

Higher Self – Mother of Pentacles

For the third week of July, the Mother of Pentacles comes to us in the position of our Higher Self asking us to focus our energy on nurturing ourselves, our loved ones, our spaces, our possessions, and our finances. It is a reminder to fill up our own cups first, so that we have an abundant reserve to offer others. We cannot nurture and help from a space of depletion, so self-care is very important this week, in order to make sure we are giving ourselves all that we need to function optimally and move through this current space.

Examine all areas in your life where you might need some extra assistance, and then verbalize this need to others. We will not get what we do not ask for. Now is a time to focus on delegating certain tasks to others, and living in harmony with those around us. The Mother of Pentacles energy protects and soothes all aspects of the physical so that we may ground to embody stability and balance for optimal functioning. She is soft, she is nurturing, she is caring and loving, but she doesn’t stand for anything misaligned with her nature.

The Mother of Pentacles also reminds us to care for our sacred vessels, our bodies, our minds, and our souls. This week would be a perfect time to go on a health cleanse or detox, set intentions around eating healthy vibrant foods, begin a new exercise regimen, and even clear up any areas of instability or uncertainty surrounding our finances. Practice grounding your energy by  taking a walk outside barefoot. Sit underneath a tree and appreciate the strength of the roots and the expanse of its leaves and branches. Feel nurtured and revitalized by the oxygen it provides for us. In financial matters, take care of any bills and ensure that your affairs are in order so there is no time and energy wasted feeling stressed out about this domain.

We are encouraged to set sacred space to reflect, harmonize and care for ourselves. In order for this to occur, we may find it helpful to declutter and clean our spaces. Release any possessions that are no longer serving a purpose, and instead are taking up valuable space and resources. Recycle, donate, sell, discard, and release physical items in your environment, which are no longer needed. Notice and become aware of how the energy within our spaces contributes to our feelings of well-being. This activity will cultivate appreciation, gratitude, and awareness of how elements in our physical realities can impact our overall mood and energy levels.

Shadow – Father of Cups

The Father of Cups comes to us in our shadow aspect this week, indicating that we must continue to honor every aspect of our emotions in order to achieve mastery of them. Once we are able to master our emotions, we can fine tune our energetic frequency, and remain in alignment with who we are and how we show up for others.

The Father of Cups asks us to examine our shadowy emotions, and recognize ways we can practice and embody unconditional love for ourselves and others, so we can feel and fully express that nurturing, safe, loving energy the Mother of Pentacles brings through our higher self aspect. The Father energy provides the structure, stability and support for the nurturing Mother energy to blossom in its full expression. It is time to ask ourselves how we are balancing the divine masculine and the divine feminine to bring them into balance, so that our creative energy and potential can be fully harnessed. We are being asked to respond to any emotions that arise within us, as well as to any conflict we experience, from the space of our love. We are being guided to embody love with every thought, word and action.

At this time, many have been experiencing deep emotions coming to the surface of our awareness, that had previously been buried. Our shadows are being revealed to us, and only we can make the decision to face them, accept them, and move through. We are in the midst of massive transformation energetically, and as a result, can be feeling a need to seek physical and emotional balance. It is time to look at the ways we process our emotions, and explore whether we allow them to fully be expressed, or if there are parts that we repress and bury. Whenever we are moving through difficult emotions, it is important to fully feel them so they are able to be released. In doing this, we are able to learn and acknowledge the lessons these emotions bring for us.

Our emotions are our strongest messengers, and are the key to manifestation. The Father of Cups reminds us that when we are in complete balance emotionally, we are able to embody compassion, live from our heart space, and nurture ourselves so we are able to care for others. In balance, we are able to live in alignment with our highest truth, and attract our deepest desires into our reality. We are able to find flow and movement when faced with density or stagnation. Honor every emotion. Practice forgiveness and compassion. Live in alignment with your heart.


Here are some activities to engage in this week, to integrate the shadow aspect with that of the higher self. These activities are given as basic guidelines to explore these elements in your own way, yet as always, please feel free to reach out if you feel you need further guidance and suggestions.

-Clean the space you spend the most time in. What areas feel stagnant or need clearing? Where can you release items that no longer serve your needs? Practice donating, recycling, discarding, and releasing in order to clear space in your environments for new, fresh energy.

-Health Cleanse or Fast/detox

-Pay off bills, put money into savings, create a budget

-Enjoy a self-care or “spa” day where you focus on the physical aspects of your being. Pamper yourself and notice how you feel before and afterwards.

Journal Prompts:

-In what ways can you more fully embody unconditional love for yourself and others? Who or what situation do you need to forgive?

-What aspects of your own being are coming up as your shadow, and what intentions will you set/actions will you take to integrate the shadow aspects with the higher self?

-What actions can be taken to incorporate a sense of flow when faced with stagnation?

Please Stay Tuned for Next Week’s Ascension Report!

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