We are multidimensional, spiritual beings having a human experience. When we accept the call to come here, when we make the decision on a higher level to incarnate onto this Earth plane in human form, we agree to forget. We agree to forget all that we truly are. We forget our origins, we forget our brilliance, we forget our magnificence and our potential. We forget that we are beings of pure light, forces of the deepest, highest form of love. We forget that we are infinite, multidimensional beings who have lived in millions of other galaxies, on other planets, in other dimensions, on other timelines. We forget that our souls have had no birth and will have no death. We forget for the purpose of remembering.


As we remember, we awaken. We awaken to all of the magical and miraculous possibilities of that which we are truly capable of. We tap into a state of higher consciousness, and begin to see just how interconnected everything is in our existence. We realize that all is unfolding exactly as it should, and everything occurs in divine timing. There is a message and meaning behind each and every experience, and everyone we meet has a lesson for us to learn. We begin to understand that our experiences are in our present reality in order to teach us vital lessons, agreed upon by us within our soul contracts, long before our incarnations. Those around us, helping us to learn these lessons, are a part of our soul family. Every action we take creates ripples in reality. Every thought and every word energetically extends out into the Universe, existing forever. These components collectively comprise our unique energetic vibration, which dictates what experience we will attract into our lives. We are continuously co-creating our reality.


We awaken to the fact that we are all one, that the spark of life force existing within us, allowing our consciousness to be possible, is that very same force that runs through all living beings. We realize that everyone we encounter is a reflection of that which exists within us. We realize that we are creating with every though we think, every word we speak, and every action we take.


The mission of Lucid Journey Ascension is to AWAKEN you to your highest truth, allowing you to embody a state of higher consciousness on your path of ascension. Once we are aware of the fact that we are constantly in a state of co-creation, and that the way we leave our imprint on the world matters significantly, we are able to step into an empowered and compassionate role, and choose what experience we want for our highest and greatest good.

To awaken is to realize that we create our reality, and our external state is a reflection of that which is within us. When we awaken, we realize that we must take full responsibility for the state we find ourselves in, and to some this might seem difficult, for we never want to acknowledge when we have attracted something for ourselves that is out of alignment with who we truly are, and is therefore causing us to experience suffering. It is often through suffering, through navigating the darkness, that we experience awakening.


It is once we have awakened that we rejoice at this prospect, for if we are constantly co-creating our reality, then we have the ability to change our reality if we decide it is no longer serving us. As you find yourself here, it is because you attracted this into your very reality, and were a vibrational match to these words. It is because you are ready to hear this message at this current point in your existence. If you find yourself reading this, the time is now to awaken to your best possible self, and create the reality of your dreams. What imprint do you want to leave on this world? Let us embark on this Lucid Journey, and awaken to remember our highest potential, our divinity, our magnificence, and our true essence, that we are LOVE and that LOVE is ALL THERE IS.


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