Ascension Keys (Boutique)

As we continue to evolve, grow, transform and journey on our ascension timeline, specific tools can be utilized in this physical reality to help us to raise our frequency and expand our consciousness. The entire collective consciousness is upgraded and healed as you heal yourself. As you release more and more density, distortions, and patterns no longer serving your highest and greatest timeline, you clear more space for increased quotients of light to be held within every cell of your being, allowing for expanded consciousness, and deeper embodiment of higher frequencies accessible to you.

Ascension keys include tools and products specifically designed and formulated to assist you along this journey of raising your own personal frequency, allowing you to access higher aspects of yourself that are more and more energetically aligned to your optimal reality. 

Our current realities and circumstances are but illusions specifically engineered for the purpose of providing a platform for our evolution, and as we awaken further to our truth, we become aware of how we can use this illusion to exponentially increase our rate of ascension here in this lifetime. These ascension tools are specifically curated for the purpose of awakening you to your divine nature and assisting you along your ascension path.  Created with love and intention for your highest ascension.