Young Living Essential Oils

I have always felt incredibly connected to Mama Gaia. Maybe it has to do with my Sun, Moon & Venus in Taurus. Perhaps it is my name, Rhea, after the Greek Mother of Titans, daughter of Earth Goddess, Gaea and Father-Sky, Ouranos.  It could be because my mother was always outside gardening, and using plants both medicinally and nutritionally. Or maybe it could be my feelings of solace, safety and mystery in the woods, near lakes and streams during my childhood, which cultivated within me, a deep need to protect the environment. Nature is magic. For all of these reasons and so many more, I have always been passionate about using the abundant gifts of Mother Earth to nourish and heal.

When I began using essential oils, I soon realized that not all were created equally. Many inexpensive oils found at the grocery store had fillers and additives, were diluted with carrier oils, and were not as “natural” as the label stated they were.  I felt concern about the methods used to harvest the plant materials, and wondered if it was sustainable and done in a way that honored and respected the sacred medicine of the Earth. As my personal energetic vibration steadily increased in frequency on my ascension path, certain products just no longer cut it. My body was rejecting ingredients found in many commercial, processed products created in laboratories and filled with uncertainty. I did not want to use anything that was out of alignment with my vibe. It was important for me to completely cleanse my vessel of lower-vibrational toxins and harmful chemicals. If I wouldn’t ingest it, why would I want to put it on my body?

As I immersed myself more and more in my remembrance of the healing properties of nature, I soon discovered the brand, Young Living, as an incredible source for my essential oils. I learned about the standards held by their company, and their patented Seed to Seal process, which ensures ethical and sustainable methods are used when cultivating their oils. Care and intention is involved every step of the way, beginning with the seed selection process for their sustainably-harvested crops, and ending with the seal on the bottles attesting to their values of Science, Sourcing, and Standards that go into every bottle.  With farms located all over the world, I was so pleased to hear of Young Living’s care and efforts towards sustainability, environmentalism, and community involvement. Energy and attention is lovingly infused into every step along the way in cultivating these precious gifts from the Earth

In 2015, I purchased the Premium Starter Kit, since I felt it was the best value, and allowed me to try a wide variety of the highest quality essential oils on the market. The kit contained popular oils from the brand, that you could not only use topically and aromatically, but also INTERNALLY!! (Mind. Blown.) The kit included oils I now use for everyday essentials, such as lemon, lavender, and peppermint, oils to help with muscle pain (Panaway), digestive support (DiGize), and chest congestion (R.C.), an oil blend that is now one of my personal favorites that supports my wellness on multiple levels (hello THIEVES!), Frankincense which is just absolutely heavenly for meditation and spirituality (and has a retail value of 1/4 of the price of the entire kit), and so much more that I could not wait to try. As if 13 new essential oils weren’t enough, the kit also came with a FREE diffuser (which I now use Literally. Every. Day), AND a one-year membership to get wholesale prices on the best essential oils money could buy.

I was in my bliss. For a whole year, I enjoyed just the oils that came in my Premium Starter Kit, learning their extensive properties, and exploring more and more of their numerous uses. I slowly began making the transition to ditch any chemical products that I had been using previously, and make the switch to using various essential oils in their place. The Starter Kit was everything I needed. It wasn’t until about two years later that I realized I wanted to start sharing this lifestyle with others. It had done such wonders for my own life, that I felt like I had stumbled upon a gold mine. I couldn’t keep this secret any longer, and wanted to share this treasure with everyone. It was only then that I found out just how lucrative and rewarding of an opportunity that building a business with Young Living would provide.

I signed up for the Essential Rewards program, which allowed me to replenish my favorite oils each month, and also purchase inventory at wholesale prices to have on-hand. The Essential Rewards Program has numerous benefits in and of itself, including the opportunity for promotional freebies with qualifying purchases, and reward points for consecutive monthly orders. I began receiving hundreds of dollars worth of free oils every month with qualifying orders, the orders I was going to be making anyways! I had access to my own Virtual Office on the Young Living website, which allowed me to start and build my own business, just by sharing this passion with others! The generous compensation plan offered by Young Living has inspired me to build my high vibe Lucid Journey Oil Tribe, and share this opportunity with other spiritual, conscious, & heart-centered entrepreneurs. I used the samples that came in the Premium Starter Kit (yep, it even came with samples, information, and tools I can use to start and build my business), and began giving them out to all who were interested.

The use of Young Living Essential Oils in all of my self-care and wellness rituals has not only positively impacted my lifestyle, they are also one of the many tools I utilize to facilitate healing in my professional practice. I want only the best for my own sacred vessel, my family and loved ones, as well as my clients. That is why I choose Young Living, and hope you will too!

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