A 6-week journey to activate your Inner Magician & Align to your most Powerful and Productive year

12.23.2022 – 02.03.2023

The beginning of a new year is always a fun and exciting time, because it brings forward the excitement of new beginnings, a fresh start, a clean slate, and allows us to feel into the energy of “infinite possibility.”

This is the time, collectively, where we usually tend to set intentions, create “New Year’s resolutions” and make promises and vows to ourselves that…


THIS year is the one that will be different from all the rest

That, as soon as the clock strikes midnight on January 1st, we will instantly morph into new, better, more sparkly and shiny “versions” of ourselves

Versions of ourselves who are miraculously perfect, motivated, and determined to do all the things we’ve never wanted to do before.

Versions of ourselves with no traces of any prior flaws, bad habits, or personality traits that caused us to be unsuccessful in the years past.

The energy of the new beginning feels so clean, so bright, so limitless. A blank new page in a brand new chapter.

One that allows us the potentiality to re-write our story

The newness of the time is motivating and inspiring for only a short period.

How long can we maintain this energy?

How long does the fresh new feeling last until it begins to feel stale?

How long until this new year feels just like all the others?

How long until we realize we are still the same person, living the same life, with the same thoughts, beliefs, habits & programming?

How long until our sights are once again set on NEXT YEAR?

It is time to release the pressure we put on ourselves, and shift the false belief that our own inner transformation occurs with a single event, and can only happen once per year.

There are key foundational strategic and energetic elements missing within the formula you are using for transformation

There is an enormous amount of pressure and perfectionism placed on yourself to succeed in one moment of time, once a year

It is no wonder why your hopes and dreams of the greatness you desire for yourself so quickly fizzle and fade after just a few weeks, sometimes even days.

It is no wonder why people say things like, “well there’s always next year” the moment their New Year’s resolutions don’t pan out as expected.

These are the age-old excuses that allow us to fall right back into old habits and patterns that keep us stuck in repetitive cycles and frequencies that are out of alignment with the greatness of our limitless potential

What if every new year wasn’t just about the endless cycle of “new year, new me” repetition?

What if you could break the cycle of failed new year’s resolutions, fizzling goals and plans after just one day or week of excitement and motivation?

What if it wasn’t just about one single point in time, but whatever point in time you happen to find yourself in?

What if you could learn both the energetics and the strategy needed to align to the year you desire to create?


The Archetype of the Magician brings forward the symbolism and meaning of:

Accessing the full power of your infinite potential

Recognizing the gifts and resources you already have at your disposal

Increasing the levels of your conscious awareness and self- leadership in how you move through time and space

Balancing both the masculine and feminine aspects of your being to harmonize your co-creative magic

Acknowledging all the MAGIC that is ALREADY evident in your life

Refining, cleansing + clarifying your frequency to consistently call in the reality you desire to experience


You become the MAGICIAN…

The formless takes form…

The intangible becomes tangible

The grandest vision becomes accessible for you to anchor it into reality

As above, so below- we learn to master our manifestations

We have everything we need within us, we just need to align our energy to access it

Step into the VORTEX to consciously co-create your highest timeline

The teachings + practices throughout this journey will help you to revolutionize the ways you lead yourself through life, including how you:

🌹 Set powerful + purposeful intentions

🌹 Create systems of organization + follow-through

🌹 Prioritize, plan and take action on goals + visions

🌹 Maintain energetic alignment, clarity + balance no matter what is happening around you

🌹 Create routines + structure while still honoring divine feminine energy of ease, flow, fun + freedom

🌹 Access big dreams and gain clarity on the ultimate vision for the life you desire

🌹 Harmonize & balance inner masculine + feminine energy & learn when it is most productive to forwardly lead with each

🌹 Prioritize self-care practices

🌹 Raise awareness and expand consciousness around personal habits + patterns

🌹 Implement systems, strategy and structure to accomplish goals with ease, flow and fun!

….& more you will discover inside

It is time to ACTIVATE your inner MAGICIAN & Step into the VORTEX to consciously co-create your highest timeline

This program will be a beautiful blend of energy work + strategy and will show you how to harmonize both masculine and feminine energy to optimize the way you experience your reality & how you move through time and space

What you will receive inside of this program:

A 6-week group experience

A dynamic, interactive Facebook group to connect with others, receive support, and share your process along this journey

10 Informative Modules hosted over Zoom and broadcasted into the Facebook group (replays available on exclusive private YouTube link)

A blend of energetics + strategy

Tangible practices + exercises

A workbook + prompts to guide you through the program

Access to the group and training modules for the entirety of the year

Program Modules:

Introduction: Live Welcome Call

Module 1: Gratitude + Celebration

Module 2: Clean, Clear + Crystalline

Module 3: Entering the Vortex

Module 4: Aligning + Stabilizing your Frequency

Module 5: Inner King + Inner Queen

Module 6: The Big Vision (As Above)

Module 7: The Breakdown (As Below)

Module 8: Rituals + Intentions

Module 9: Magician’s Manifesto

Module 10: Wrap-Up & Live Q+A


✨ A beautiful blend of pre-recorded modules and live content hosted over Zoom

✨ A private facebook group to connect, share & receive support

✨ A final Q&A at the end to answer any lingering questions

✨ Workbook and journal prompts to help you to take action and apply all of the knowledge received

✨ Access to the content for the entire year of 2023, so you can return to the modules whenever you need a refresher

✨ ALL the secrets on how to activate your inner magician, organize and plan your year like a boss, stay in energetic alignment, and still keep it creative, exciting and activating

Magician’s Vortex is for you if:

🔮 You are committed to creating your most aligned and powerful year

🔮 You desire to improve your organization, planning, and bringing your manifestations to life

🔮 You are a visionary, leader, entrepreneur, creative, or highly sensitive person and know you are here to create incredible success

🔮 You desire to end self-sabotage out of fear of failure, disappointment, or pain

🔮 You are ready to activate and embody your creator/magician archetype to anchor in to your big vision and live the life you deserve

🔮 You want the formula + blueprint to make EVERY YEAR “YOUR YEAR” a.k.a your best year yet!

Magician’s Vortex is NOT for you if:

⚡️ You don’t want to refine your energy or amplify your manifestation potential

⚡️ You believe that your destiny is completely pre-determined and there is no way to improve your life circumstances or make changes to receive different results in your reality

⚡️ You do not want to explore your full power or potential as a creative being

⚡️ You want to stay in a victim mind state and continue blaming the world and everyone else for your problems

⚡️ You are satisfied with your repetitive cycles and habits and do not want to challenge yourself to expand beyond your comfort zone

⚡️ You do not enjoy accessing your creativity, inner magic, or doing any self-reflection


I cannot say enough about Magician’s vortex. First, Rhea created this program from her own experience and it is as if she is sharing her gold with us. Rhea taught us to get into gratitude and appreciation, clearing your space for new energy to come through, aligning our frequency, and creating rituals and intentions. We created a mission statement, goals, and at the end, your final big mission. Rhea teaches you how to break down everything in such a useful way. We all can get overwhelmed with life and this is your ticket to change your life. Rhea teaches you how to use the most amazing system to go through your life in such a positive and exciting way. Magicians vortex is a life changing course I give 5 STARS!

-Megan Kuskowski MV 2021; MV 2022 Alumni


Rhea Nichols, LMSW, RMT, is an intuitive ascension guide who merges therapy-informed mentoring with her expertise as an energy practitioner. As a licensed master of social work with a background in psychology and clinical mental health counseling, Rhea combines her intuitive gifts, her clarity and potency as a multi-dimensional channel, and her certifications in energy work to bring a unique skillset to her 1:1 work with clients, energy healing sessions & activations, programs, courses, and teachings. She mentors and guides her clients towards expanding their consciousness and embodying the highest version of themselves through their healing and ascension journey.