Become aware of your own infinite potential, and harness your inherent power of co-creation

For the sacred soul who desires to tap into their infinite potential, access their deepest desires + anchor in a higher reality timeline

This Masterclass is for you!

You will learn the basics of:

Stepping into your creator energy to consciously become the leading energy in your own life

Getting in front of your reality – how life can happen FOR you instead of TO you

Tuning in to your heart-centered desires

The Manifestation Sequence

& So much more!

What if the desires embedded deep within your heart were specifically encoded within you because you are the very person meant to bring them into reality?

What would it mean if every opportunity presented to you was magnetized to you because you are more than ready to step into a greater purpose for yourself?

What would it be like to know deep within your soul that everything you’ve ever dreamt of is not only possible, but is waiting for you to align to the frequency that is the energetic match to tangibly receive that in your own reality?

What if there are infinite potentials and infinite timelines accessible to you, and your job is an inner game, where you can finely tune your frequency to be open to receive these miracles that are specially meant for you to experience?

This masterclass was created through my own experiences, trials and fine tuning of the manifestation sequence. Through applying these principles to my own reality, I was able to find the subtle nuances to the manifestation code that are rarely spoken about in the mainstream.

We will cover important concepts that will help you to finally crack the manifestation code, and begin building evidence that you are a master of manifestation, and a powerful co-creator of your own reality.

Everything begins and ends with you, and once you have these tools, the world is at your fingertips and everything you desire becomes possible for you.

We will be exploring topics that include,

Getting in Front of your Reality

Radical Responsibility

Catalysts to Manifestation

Clarifying your Intentions

Grasping the Glimmers

Aligned Action

Refining your Frequency

Cracking the Manifestation Code

Releasing Resistance

Detaching from the Outcome

Surrendering to the Highest Vision

Over 2+ hours of channeled transmissions on the energetics of manifestation

*This masterclass has been remastered from a LIVE event and is now available for purchas*

Rhea Nichols, LMSW, RMT, is an intuitive ascension guide who merges therapy-informed mentoring with her expertise as an energy practitioner. As a licensed master of social work with a background in psychology and clinical mental health counseling, Rhea combines her intuitive gifts, her clarity and potency as a multi-dimensional channel, and her certifications in energy work to bring a unique skillset to her 1:1 work with clients, energy healing sessions & activations, programs, courses, and teachings. She mentors and guides her clients towards expanding their consciousness and embodying the highest version of themselves through their healing and ascension journey.