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Journeying with Obelisk

Today, I was guided to enter into a meditation to meet one of my spirit guides. There are many I have met before, who assist me with different areas of healing within my life. There are also many I have yet to connect with. Today, I had the honor of becoming acquainted with a new one. As I entered into my sacred garden, holding my clear quartz crystal specifically intentioned with the energy of connecting me to my guides, I took in the beauty and the lush greenery, the waterfalls, the hammocks, the birdbaths, the crystal formations, and the serenity of my sacred space. I walked the winding stone paths, shrouded in mystery and life, and came upon a clearing of grass, underneath an ancient tree. Sitting there was a beautiful tapestry, onto which I was guided to sit and wait. Immediately after sitting, my guide appeared to me.

A powerful male energy appeared before me as a tall, slender man with a long beard and mustache of pure white. He was wearing a white gown that reached down to his toes. His aura glowed and expanded all around him. His deep eyes glowed blue. In his right hand, a tall staff, etched with symbols and topped with a crystal ball acted as his anchor, and guided him on his path.

I stared in awe at this divine figure, who was appearing before me, to guide me on my continuing journey. I asked his name three times to be sure. I heard “Obelisk” after each inquiry. With humor, I was told I could call him “Obie” for short.

“Where are you from Obie?” I asked with wonder and curiosity.

“I have come from Sirius. The star.” (As he said this, deep, dark purple light began to emanate all around us, as if the energy of his words carried this intense color). I was not expecting to hear this as a response, and seemed to be frozen, searching for questions to ask this incredible guide who had just made his presence known to me.

“Do you have a message for me?” I felt lame after asking this. Of course he had a message for me! He is my spirit guide after all! Obie remained serious (no pun intended) and respectful.

“Please tell me what I should know at this time.”

His gaze held mine, and he replied, without moving his lips, in a deep, loud voice whose echoes vibrated through my head and permeated through my energy field.

“Seek and you shall find. Ask and you shall receive. Imagine, and you shall create. Harm ye none, do what ye will. The world is yours.”

He let go of his staff, which did not fall to the ground, but seemed to be held in place by invisible forces. He opened his cupped palms to me, and offered sparkling white and silver light. I knew intuitively to take this light from him as a gift or offering, and to place this sparkly light into my aura, to surround my being with magic, healing and protection. He then turned his palms to face me, and from his palms, sacred geometric images manifested, and then were shot into my solar plexus. As soon as he was finished, a baby rabbit hopped over towards him and stood at his feet, looking up at him. He picked up the rabbit and held it in one hand, with the other gently petting its head. The rabbit fell into a state of deep, soothing relaxation.

I am so excited to work with my new guide, Obelisk from Sirius. I am honored to have such a powerful spiritual being to assist me in the work I will be doing during this upcoming energy shift. I believe that Obelisk has a past life connection with me, going as far back as ancient Egypt. I believe that he has come with the activation of the Lion’s gate portal, occurring tomorrow, 8/8/8. He has come to assist and guide me through this powerful energetic shift in time, to advance my gifts, and to further me on my path for my highest and greatest good. I am so honored and grateful to have made this connection, and I cannot wait to share the work we will be doing together.

With gratitude, abundance, and infinite blessings,