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Collective Reading: September 2017 – The Wild Unknown Tarot

The Month Ahead Spread for September 2017 – For all those who resonated with The Wild Unknown Tarot, this reading will address the overall energy of the month, what we may find ourselves transitioning towards, what we are moving out of or away from, the challenges we may face, forces that will assist us, and finally what will be helpful to us and what needs to be released, for our highest and greatest good.

2017-09-06 21.15.34
The Wild Unknown – Collective Month Ahead Spread for September 2017

Overall Energy & Vibe of the Month:

The Chariot


TWU Keywords: Strong will, Achievement, Triumph

The Chariot gazes at us head on, indicating this is the type of energy necessary to face challenges as they come, stand firm in beliefs and values, and move forwards with swift momentum and unbridled stamina. The ethereal creature stands alone in autonomy, sure of its path.  Gentle, yet independent and confident. Around its neck is a pentacle, symbolizing the ability to harness what is desired and the power to manifest all that is chosen for the path ahead. The waning crescent moon on its forehead symbolizes the power to release, the ability to go within, and follow one’s own intuition and inner guidance.

The Chariot represents a great deal of movement this month, but comes with a reminder to be sure of the direction you wish to move in. Face challenges directly, and head on, instead of avoiding them. Be bold, and stand firm in your ideals. Take time this month to be clear on your goals and that which you are manifesting. Hold the space necessary to make a plan on how this will be accomplished. Let your intentions be crystal clear so that this swift movement and transition will have an appropriate direction and purpose, and will not end up a waste of energy. Go within and trust your own intuition to guide you to harnessing and manifesting all that you desire. Draw in all of the resources available to you and figure out how you will use them to your advantage.

This card brings assurance that the month of September will be as productive and successful as you wish to make it, but the key word is you. What will you make out of this month? What will you achieve? What direction will you move towards?

Be bold and confident in order to show up for whatever life has to offer.

What to Focus Energy On:

Son of Swords


TWU Keywords: Determined, Forceful

The Son of Swords is determined, and once he sets his sights on something, he will not stop until he gets it. He is swift, laser-focused, and action-oriented. He is not easily distracted, which is the energy you must embody in order to achieve your goals this month. Similar to The Chariot, the Son of Swords contains a great deal of movement, reiterating the message that this month will be action-oriented with change, transition, and momentum. It is important to be clear about exactly what you want and the direction you wish to move towards.

What have you set your sights on this month? What will you continue to pursue until you get? Take care this month that your efforts are not careless, selfish, or blind-sighted.

Once the Son of Swords desires something, there is no stopping him, so make sure that you are headed in the right direction, and not focused on what needs to be left behind.  Stay present, stay determined, stay persistent

A note on the direction of the card within the spread – the Son of Swords is flying towards that which needs to be released or overcome – the Mother of Pentacles. This indicates that extra special attention is needed to make sure that our focus is not on something from the past that we are trying to move on from. In an effort to have balance, make sure we are not overindulging in a certain area. It is time to shift out of an energetic pattern we find ourselves in, and make a conscious effort to move into the direction that we desire, by being the change that we wish to see.

Be not resistant to change, but move fluidly through the patterns of life.

Energy We are Moving Away From: 

Mother of Pentacles


TWU Keywords: Domestic, Loving

The Mother of Pentacles brings forward a nurturing energy of support, comfort, and security.

We find ourselves moving out of a pattern of constantly caring for and supporting others, and worrying about our material comforts. We are moving out of this desperate need for security and find ourselves moving into unknown territory. We are less focused on the external, and more focused on what is going on within the mind.

The Mother of Pentacles has a beautiful energy, and it is important that we do not neglect certain traits she brings in terms of supporting and caring for others, yet we are moving to a space where we are feeling more analytical, intellectual, and logical as seen with the Father of Swords. It is time to focus on ourselves and our goals this month, as we have very fluid and action-oriented energies to assist us. Since we now realize that we are fully supported by the Universe, it becomes less about this security, warmth, and comfort, and more about continuing to assess and analyze where we are currently, where we want to get to, and exactly how to make this happen.

We move out of the space of the external and physical, and more towards the introspective, analytical and creative space. From Earth to Air, Feminine to Masculine, we are capitalizing on this transformative energy to help us to achieve our goals.

Remember overall, that balance of these opposing energies is crucial to maintain this momentum.

What May be Challenging:

Wheel of Fortune


TWU Keywords: Destiny, Fate, Change of Course

It may be a challenge this month for us to throw caution to the wind and to break out of this comfort zone illustrated by the Mother of Pentacles. This could be a major change of course for some of us, and involves really breaking out of that space of needing safety and security. We may find ourselves going out on a limb, in order to fully embody all that we wish to. We may see ourselves taking more risks than usual. We may need a “change of course” from the direction of the Son of Swords.

Are we pursuing and spending our time, energy and attention on manifesting and (moving towards) what we want? Or are we wasting our energy focusing on things that need to be left in the past? Sometimes it might be difficult to completely trust the Universe, and sometimes it is a challenge to take complete responsibility for our thoughts, words, actions and present realities.

We must realize that everything is intricately connected in complex and mysterious ways. There is an overall plan for our soul that is unfolding through the choices that we make, and actions that we take, for our highest good.

This card represents a turning point, which could pose a challenge. Maybe we feel we aren’t ready to move in a certain direction, or things are happening too quickly for us, or things maybe aren’t turning out for us the way we had initially planned.

Trust in the divine flow of the Universe. Trust your emotions and honor them. Just as the season changes from Summer to Fall, day turns to night and back to day again, the moon waxes and wanes, the Wheel of Fortune represents fate and the intricate web of interconnectedness. Sit back, observe, and trust all that is unfolding.

What Needs to be Released:

Nine of Swords


TWU Keywords: Nightmares, Anguish

The Nine of Swords represents anguish, nightmares and terror, and whenever it comes out in a reading it symbolizes self-destructive thought patterns that are no longer serving our highest timeline. Both the Nine of Swords and the Ten of Swords indicates a need for shadow work to be done. It could be that the change of course represented by the Wheel of Fortune is so difficult due to limiting thought patterns we are having about a certain aspect of our lives.

Our thoughts are the seeds of creation, and we attract back to us what we put out into the Universe. Yes, thoughts are energy. A thought sent out into the Universe is forever. Thoughts are powerful, and if those thoughts filling your head are of a lower vibration, then that is what you will be attracting, and your external reality will reflect what is within.

It is time to release destructive and self-sabotaging patterns and belief systems. Allow yourself permission to let go of these limiting cycles that keep us stuck in the same lower vibrational energy. The first step to this is to acknowledge and become aware of whenever you are having a thought that does not align with your highest truth. As soon as you notice this, do not place judgment on yourself, as we are all human beings in a processing of learning and evolving. Just notice it and make the choice to shift your thought process. Release the thought with love. Engage in an action that raises your vibration whether it be something simple like drinking a glass of water, taking a few deep grounding breaths, or even listening to your favorite song. There is always something that you can do to shift this energy. Once you change your internal state, watch the Universe respond to meet you.

What will Assist Us:

Ten of Swords


TWU Keywords: Rock Bottom, Melodrama

“If you act like a victim, you are likely to be treated as one” – Paulo Coelho

The Ten of Swords shows up in an interesting position of that which can assist us this month, and fits hand in hand with what we need to be releasing, as shown in the Nine of Swords. This card is an indication that ending the cycle of drama and victimization will help us in moving forward with our goals and aspirations. Once we can recognize something and become aware of it, we are then able to do what is necessary to shift it and create change. We must realize that we are always the ones in control. While we may not be able to change consequences of a situation or how someone may treat us, we always have the choice of how we respond, how we internalize it, and how it affects us in our present state.

The Ten of Swords is a reminder for us to try to see all different sides of a situation. Practice changing your perspective in a nonjudgmental and logical way. Use creativity and inner wisdom to come to a fair conclusion, and use the lessons to your advantage. With this, we are then able to release a cycle that was painful or has already achieved its purpose in teaching us what we needed to learn. It is now time to move on.

We can choose to see a negative situation (betrayal, heartbreak, victimization, backstabbing) as a learning experience which can then be used to our benefit. Sometimes this helps to end or release a certain cycle or pattern in order to generate new waves of thought.

What Will We Gain:

Father of Swords


TWU Keywords: Fair, Just, Analytical

The Father of Swords comes to us in the position of what we are moving towards, what we are gaining this month, or what we are aspiring to. This energy is one of authority, command, mastery and intellect. Some of us are finding ourselves involved in situations where school is again starting for the year, and this can be a perfect indication of a return to structure and routine, and the act of exercising the brain. This Father of Swords energy is powerful, opinionated, and highly moral and ethical.

This card comes to us as a reminder that we can have complete control of our thoughts, words, and actions. We co-create our realities, and we have the power to analyze certain situations and make changes for our highest and greatest good.

You are the creator of your reality, and once negative thoughts are released, ending a cycle of victimization and feelings of betrayal, you will rise to this position of great power and authority within your own life, so that you can accomplish the tasks you desire, and leave your own special mark on the world.

Overall Summary:

The overall energy of the month of September will be that of movement, autonomy, independence, and taking on your experience with a thundering gallop. The wind in your hair, the sun at your back, this month is yours for you to do whatever you choose,  to move you forward and ahead. This month is about realizing the direction you want to go in, and moving swiftly with conviction. Own it child! At this very same time, we must be mindful of balance.

We are moving out of a space of feeling the need to nurture and care for everyone else around us, moving away from the need to seek security and comfort. We have already established this, and while caring for and nurturing others is incredibly important, this month is about us, and our own unique vision. It is about self-care, being true to our own needs and desires, and cultivating an analytical, precise, and logical mindset to accomplish goals. This month is less about what we can do for others, and more about what we can do for ourselves, while still maintaining mindfulness of balance.

This month, we are moving towards becoming a master of our own thoughts and words, through balance, fairness, wisdom, and creativity.

It is now important that we focus on our direction and our goals, making sure we are divinely aligned with and aware of the direction we are moving towards. It is not the time to be stuck in the past. Instead, propel forward, setting sights on something and remaining consistent, focused and driven. You are an unstoppable force this month. It is important to realize that the time for feeling any sense of victimization is behind us. It is time to move forward from any feelings of betrayal, or hurt. These painful experiences can be viewed as blessings, as they help us to realize what should remain in your present reality and what needs to go.

Any hurtful experience is a lesson about that which we need to let go of. This cycle has ended, and the events of the past have helped us to draw important conclusions necessary for release.

Painful past events and experiences help us to be stronger for all the good yet to come. Instead of dwelling on any negative events, realize that you are co-creating your reality, and that this balance is essential for harmony. It is time to recognize any negative thought patterns that are keeping us stuck in the same cycles. Once we have an awareness of these patterns, they can be acknowledged, released with love, and replaced with thoughts that will keep us empowered, independent, and charging ahead towards the future. You are the one in control.

Infinite Blessings and Abundance ❤ Lucid Journey

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New Moon in Taurus


The new moon is a time for intention setting, new beginnings, and going within to determine what action needs to be taken, and what needs to be nurtured and cultivated within your reality. Just as the moon is new and will reveal more and more of itself over the upcoming weeks, so too will this new intention, seed, or project begin to grow and become illuminated with your focus, love and care


The energy of Taurus reminds us to take things slow and steady, by focusing on stability, self-care and nurturing ourselves in our physical realities. Take the time to indulge in creature comforts and luxury during this lunar cycle. Reconnect with nature, spend time with your family and enjoy relationships with loved ones. Now is also a good time to set intentions around finances, family, health, and career.



I was called to use the Animal Spirit Deck from The Wild Unknown, Connected and Free Oracle by Inner Hue, Goddess Guidance Oracle by Doreen Virtue, and The Wild Unknown Tarot. The crystals pictured here include clear quartz, an amethyst pyramid, rough amethyst, a rose quartz pyramid, and finally, my Lemurian quartz record keeper master healer. Palo Santo was used to cleanse and clear the decks, as well as cleanse the surrounding energy. A Reiki healing energy ball was placed above the cards, and the intention was set to infuse into the reading and deliver healing energy to all who accept it. The Animal Spirit Deck will provide an animal totem for this lunar cycle, and the Goddess Guidance will provide a Goddess we may connect with during this lunar cycle, as we set our intentions and plant the seed of new beginnings at this time.


2017-04-26 22.12.37


VULTURE comes to us today as a guardian and purifier, and to remind us that in order to start fresh, we must clear out all of the old patterns and programming within us. VULTURE energy is essential for re-balance, as this very creature helps to balance our ecosystem by clearing away decay as well as dense and toxic energy. VULTURE is undervalued and misunderstood, yet is so important because it essentially does all the dirty work, cleaning up messes that nobody else would touch. During this new moon, ask your higher self, guides, angels, ascended masters, and even source, to reveal to you any stagnant energetic patterns that need to be released (which you can do at the full moon). Over these upcoming weeks, make a list of things you would like to release or get rid of, and all that is no longer serving you. If these stagnant or dense energies are not cleared out and removed, there is no room for new, fresh, revitalized energy to come in, and this energetic block can disrupt our own balance, harmony and stability.


This card symbolizes the need to be open to receive during this new moon. Just as VULTURE clears away toxic or stagnant energies that no longer serve our highest and greatest good, our CROWN CHAKRA serves as a direct connection to source. We cannot receive downloads and messages from our guides if we are blocked or disconnected, just as we cannot feel supported, connected or balanced when this energy center is closed off or stuck. We may feel unsupported or direction-less if we are experiencing an issue with our CROWN CHAKRA. When this chakra is open and balanced, we feel plugged-in, connected, supported, and in the flow of life. We experience vibrancy, creativity, and zest. This card comes to us to remind us that we are all divine beings, and this chakra represents our connection to the divine. Once you have identified any stagnant energies to be cleared, visualize pure white or violet light entering and filling your CROWN CHAKRA, which surrounds the top of your head. Imagine this healing white or violet light cleansing and clearing away any debris stuck within your CROWN CHAKRA. As you breathe in deeply, visualize this light filling up and surrounding your head. As you exhale, imagine any debris or toxic energy being pushed out of your auric field. You can also do this exercise with all of your chakras, at the end pushing out the “energetic debris” through the bottoms of your feet and root chakra, giving it back to the earth to be transformed and transmuted. The crystals that will assist you with this process include selenite, amethyst, moonstone, clear quartz, or spirit quartz.


ABUNDANTIA is the goddess of prosperity who is with us at the time of the new moon in Taurus. She reminds us that we must be open to receive, falling right in line with VULTURE energy, and the clearing and opening of the CROWN CHAKRA. Once we have cleansed and cleared, we must remain open to receive the abundance of the Universe. When we focus on our many blessings and offer gratitude for all that is good in our lives, we prompt the Universe to continue to give us this abundance and prosperity. Notice the stars around the top of her head or crown chakra, as this symbolizes that she is connected, balanced, and open to receive abundance. Do not worry about the source of this abundance, as the Universe will take care of that. It is your job to focus on becoming clear and open to receive, and also acknowledging this abundance we are gifted with currently. This card also allows us to focus on finances and prosperity, and is a reminder to acknowledge the support and comfort you receive from others. At this time of the new moon in Taurus, ABUNDANTIA reminds us to notice new ideas, feelings and visions within, as this guidance gives new direction about actions to take in conjunction with her assistance. Write down this “newness” in a journal, so you are able to reflect back upon their manifestation at the time of the full moon. Offer gratitude for all kinds of prosperity you receive during this lunar cycle, including increased time, ideas, other forms of support, and of course, financial gain.


Seven of Pentacles

Keywords: Contemplation, Reward

The SEVEN OF PENTACLES represents a change of direction in our physical realities, falling right in line with the concept of new beginnings and earthly energy during this new moon cycle. We might find that it is a time to contemplate where we are currently, and where we want to go. This card represents hard work and a great deal of physical effort being put into a project, a career, or our health & bodies. Take this time during the new moon to appreciate how far you have come with this venture, and celebrate the accomplishments you have had up to this point. Do not forget to assess the direction you would like to move towards, by identifying where you would like to end up in the future. Now is the time for evaluation, in order to decide what changes need to be made, and what needs to remain for our highest and greatest good, so we are able to move forward productively.

Five of Pentacles

Keywords: Sadness, Illness, Loss

The FIVE OF PENTACLES, comes as an indication of what may happen if we do not take this time to reflect, rest and set intentions, as advised in the seven of pentacles. After acknowledging and appreciating our accomplishments, we need to decide what it is we should release for our highest and greatest good. This release may feel like a loss, but it will make room for the good that is to come. This card also comes as a warning, that if we do not stop and take this time to reflect and go inward (as described in the seven of pentacles), we might find ourselves becoming ill, for without rest, there is no room for appreciation, reflection, and acknowledgment. It is as though the rose pictured is weary, exhausted, and defeated, unable to see the resources and abundance that exists right above its head. This rose may have a blocked crown chakra! We become tired, drained, and sick if we are not consistently cleansing our energy and taking the necessary time out for self-care. Get back in line with source! It is so important to appreciate what you have, and let go of what no longer serves you, while taking that necessary pause for rest and relaxation. Give yourself permission to be taken care of. Give yourself permission to protect your energy. Sometimes, it is more damaging to hold on to something not meant for us, than it is to let it go, and this card is the perfect illustration of that.

Eight of Pentacles

Keywords: News, Change, Action

The EIGHT OF WANDS comes to us as our outcome card, and it is as if a rainbow colored bolt of lightning has struck us, and all of our creative endeavors are rejuvenated and refreshed. Our intentions will manifest, and the seed that has been planted during the new moon will be infused with new creativity and life force energy that will propel us forward in all of our ventures, fulfilling all of our desires. This is the card of reignited passion and potential, and you may find life being brought back into something that you had once forgotten or neglected. It could even be ourselves, as we recover from the five of pentacles. This is the burst of energy we get once we cleanse and release the past, and finally let go what no longer serves our highest and greatest good. This card may indicate an arrival of good news, inspired energy and creativity, and of everything falling into place, only to be then activated with the momentum of renewed inspiration. This card is a wonderful way to wrap up this lunar cycle, and gives us new hope for the future.

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Tarot Wisdom: JULY 2016

This message is intended for all who see and choose to accept the divinely guided wisdom for the month of July

Tarot JULY

And so it is…

The King of Pentacles sits on his throne, composed of an earthly energy, that he has created for himself, with the help of his inner guides. He is confident, financially secure, stable and assured. He trusts in his guides, and leans on them for support and advice. It is with the help of his spirit totem, the brown bear, that he has made it this far in his life today. He is blissful and emotionally fulfilled as seen in the Nine of Cups. The culmination of his dreams and achievements have been manifested, his wishes granted. He appreciates the cycles of the Earth, and knows that the endless motion creates ebb and flow, maintaining harmony and balance.  He reflects on a time before his abundant prosperity, when the foundations of his dreams had only just been laid. A time, when he was not so sure, and the visions of his success were just a glimmer in the stars…

Such can be seen from the Knight of Pentacles, as a young man he has just begun life’s adventure, a quest for independence, emotional fulfillment, financial stability. He searches for his passion, as his guides remind him to stay grounded. The answers lie before him if he would only focus his attention on these earthly endeavors. At times, the knight may feel unsure and isolated, yet remember, not all who wander are lost. He must realize that what holds him back exists only in his own mind, demonstrated by the Nine of Swords. His attention is turned upwards, as he remembers not to let his thoughts control his actions, and not to become pinned and trapped by fear. As he looks into the distance, he notices a wand above a fiery maiden’s head. He realizes that this will be the key that unlocks his focus and passion…

The Maiden of Wands confidently waits for the knight to realize that she is his inspiration, helping to ignite the fire that fuels the passion in his life. She knows that through her gifts, she will be the one to lead him down the path to success. Her soul is warm and generous, and a nurturing energy thrives within as she cultivates her own identity. The Six of Pentacles shows she is aware that to receive, one must give. At times, she needs the strength and stability of the earth to calm and soothe the wildfires that exist within her. Yet she reminds the knight that he will become stuck if his ideals and thoughts are too rigid. With her wild and untamed energy, she holds the key for freedom, the intention and energy, that the Knight needs to proceed. As she begins to lead the Knight, Earth and Fire, Masculine and Feminine energies together will allow them to create their reality, and achieve their ultimate goals.


Message for July: There may be a set plan you have in place for your life, but without a certain flexibility and freedom for exploration and passion,  one may become trapped in the mind of your own fearful thoughts. Do not become stuck and motionless, for the cycles of the seasons keep on turning, and life will continue whether or not you are on board. Spend your time wisely, and not locked within the prison of your own thoughts and insecurities. In order to achieve a state of blissful success and security, there must be a fine balance of masculine and feminine energy, earth and fire. In order to receive, you must give without fear, freely, passionately. Trust that what you give out will return to you in abundance. Reignite the passion in your life and activate your higher self to guide you through, like a star in the dark night sky, like a wand that directs intention, all of the strength and focus lies within you.  It is never too late. Take an adventure this month. Whether it is long, detailed and planned, or a spur of the moment day trip. Do something that scares you in order to find your purpose. Don’t be afraid to find yourself and be exactly who it is that you truly are meant to be.