Aura Photos - sending love & healing energy

At Our Core, We Are Light; Our Essence Is Love 

As spiritual beings living a human experience, we move through day to day reality navigating our environments on many different levels of consciousness. Our energetic bodies pick up layers of distortions and blockages that can cloud our true essence, similar to a lamp with a shade over it, a dusty shelf, or a dirty window. Our energy fields pick up layers of energetic debris, which, if left unprocessed below the surface of our conscious awareness, become stored within our energy centers, cells and DNA. Just as we care for our physical hygiene on a regular basis, we must care for our energetic hygiene as well, in order to function optimally. An energy healing session provides many different benefits, and ultimately restores our energy back to its purest form to facilitate healing on every dimension.

When we have accumulated energy that is creating blockages in our energy centers, it can manifest into physical discomfort when left unprocessed. Our vibrational frequency is lowered, leaving us susceptible to negative moods, physical discomfort, irritability, and at its extreme, long-term illness and disease. When our energy bodies are restored to their natural, optimal state, our inner light is bright, our aura is clear, and we experience excitement, bliss, and high vibrational states of being. Manifestation is effortless and we are in divine alignment with our values, desires, and higher selves. We thrive and live our best lives. In order for this to happen, our energetic hygiene must first be restored to its optimal level, through the removal of all energetic layers no longer serving us. When we heal ourselves, we are able to heal all those who came before us, creating ripples that affect the collective. Through healing ourselves, we begin to heal the world.

Healing is the act of revealing our inner great bright light through the removal of all that no longer serves us.

Healing is removing the blockages that exist within our minds and bodies, and clearing them to make room for the abundance, prosperity, and magic that exists as our true nature.

Healing allows all of the inner trauma, wounds, and hidden pain buried within you to come to the surface to be acknowledged, accepted, forgiven, loved and released.

Healing allows us to re-balance our lives, find stability, and experience renewed energy and passion for life.

Healing allows us to increase the compassion and empathy we feel, and accelerates our ascension process.

Healing activates our multidimensional and multi-sensory abilities allowing us to experience reality with heightened awareness and expanded consciousness.

Healing happens when you are ready, and you decide when by taking inspired action and investing in yourself. As you show up for yourself and your healing, the Universe acknowledges that your intention has been received. It is my mission to hold that space for you to awaken your own inner healer, as nobody has the ability to heal you, but you. It is you who decides when you are ready and how far you are willing to go. It is you who decides what is no longer serving you, and what it is time to release. It is you who makes the decision to forgive, not for another, but for yourself. It is you who decides who you want to be in this life.

The mission of Lucid Journey Ascension is to assist and guide you through the healing process, using Reiki energy healing, intuitive readings, or 1:1 therapy sessions. I am here beside you, to guide you, to hold safe space for you, and to meet you exactly where you are in a compassionate, loving, and non-judgmental space, where vulnerability can be expressed and healing facilitated. I will reflect your own magnificence back to you, revealing to you the depths of your soul. This is a sacred exchange, and I am honored to uphold my divine mission and soul’s purpose in creating this space.

It is time to surrender what no longer serves you, open to the divinity and majesty of your own being, and step into alignment with your potent magic.