Channeled Email Reading

Greetings Beautiful Being!

Welcome to this sacred space! I am so honored the Universe has guided you here in divine timing, to further you along your path of ascension. It is truly a privilege to serve as a clear and open channel to deliver healing messages of guidance and empowerment, directly from Source, for the highest and greatest good of all. I offer deep gratitude to you for this opportunity to fulfill my purpose of inspiration, awakening, connection and healing here in this incarnation.

The process used for this channeled email reading is intuitively guided, and perfect for those who want to receive direct messages from Source, based on their intention and situation. After payment is received, a welcome email will be sent to your inbox detailing what to expect from the reading. This is your opportunity to respond to the email with your intention for the reading, and background information on the situation you would like to receive guidance on. This reading is an energetic exchange, in that the more information provided as background, the more focused and specific the messages from Source will be.

Once I receive your intention and background on your current situation, I set sacred space, connect to your energy and that of Source, and invite in our guides, angels, ascended masters, and any other beings of the light to assist in delivering healing and empowering messages of guidance. I enter into a meditation where I focus on your intention, and receive the questions and spread best suited to facilitate this guidance. This entire process is described in the PDF report sent directly to your inbox.

I am guided to the tarot, angel, and oracle card decks that will be most helpful in regards to your situation, and the cards are selected by Source based on the channeled questions asked. High quality images of the cards and spread are included in the report, along with detailed descriptions of the messages received. Guidance is offered for you to take action on in order to shift into your highest possible timeline, and manifest your desired reality.

After the reading is received, an opportunity is provided to discuss, validate, and clarify any elements of the experience. You are left with a beautiful PDF report of this reading that you are able to keep forever, and refer back to at any point you wish.

There are many benefits to this reading, as it is ideal for those who wish to receive divine guidance from the Universe regarding their current situation, at any point in time, remotely, without engaging in an interactive exchange.

I look forward to connecting. Infinite blessings.

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