Inspiration comes from Source, or “All that Is,” a place of completely limitless potential. When we are inspired, we are “in spirit” and perfectly aligned with our truest essence. When we are in divine alignment with source, with our higher selves, and with who we are at our core, we are able to tap into our infinite creative potential, to create the life that we love.

The mission of Lucid Journey Ascension is to inspire you to live in divine alignment with your highest self, to create the life of your dreams, and realize that, not only is everything you have ever wanted possible, but it is out there waiting for you to step into the vibrational frequency that attracts it right to you.

What you seek is also seeking you, and as we become a match to the vibrational frequency of that which we desire, we cannot help but to attract it like a magnet into our reality. Each individual incarnated here into this lifetime, with a sacred purpose. Whether you feel as though you are unsure or searching for your purpose, or you know the exact reason you chose to come into this physical reality at this point in time, you are in the right place and are here for a reason. The only thing that limits or holds you back from achieving the life you love, are your own thoughts and beliefs about what you feel is possible for your reality.

When you decide to embark on this Lucid Journey, you will feel inspired to acknowledge just how magnificent, powerful, and abundant you truly are, and learn what steps you can take to embody the best possible version of you. When we are aligned with love in every thought, word, and action, there are no limits to the impact we can have on the world, and on each other. Let’s get inspired and become excited about this miraculous journey.

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